Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap 9/25/12 aka My Procrastination Project

So....I really need to get back in a routine to blogging. I like rereading about myself. And I guess some people like to follow my mindset...I am...different but oh well...so what's new with me...a lot. I don't want to ramble so I'll try to keep it brief.

     In June, I stepped down from my position as Senior at Geek Squad for some very complex reasons, but all in all, I was just so terribly unhappy. I knew I had a tough semester coming up and I wouldn't be able to deal with that much stress and unhappiness. So I had planned on maybe getting a private loan and just focusing on school and then work part time in the warehouse since I really wanted to finish my degree. However, the loan didn't come through but I had already aggressively removed myself from Geek Squad. It was that bad for me that I just had to get out and I didn't really wait for consent from my GM although I had told him what I wanted. I was told about my pay cut and it was major. I had lulled it over and even though I had financial aid for my tuition and books, I wouldn't really be able to afford my living, especially with my new car note. When I asked for my position back, I was told it wasn't going to happen. Blatantly. I interviewed at 5 other locations around my current store and didn't get one position. I was ready to move on from Best Buy. I didn't feel as if I was an asset to the company and my store anymore and after almost 8 years, I felt as if there wasn't anywhere for me to go, I needed to move on. After some soul searching, and some boosting of my confidence, I knew I was bigger than how I was feeling. I knew I had a bright future and that anything I really wanted to do, I could do. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to find another job to really work with my school schedule. I became complacent with just being a "regular employee" because in a year or two, I would graduate with an engineering degree and who knows what that'll get me. The money thing, I would work out somehow because as India.Aire sang in "This Too Shall Pass," "...tomorrow will be one day yesterday." I was gonna take it one day at a time. I was remembering I was in charge of my happiness. And as soon as I grabbed that mindset, another position for Supervisor opened up at a neighboring store. The management team there were all people I've worked with before that knew me, my personality and my style. People I knew would support me with anything if they saw I was working hard and smart. I went in positive, I was going to be happy either way, if I got it or didn't. And to my surprise and much joy, I got the position. 8 years is a lot if you ask people at Best Buy for someone to become Supervisor, especially someone like me who does have the drive, passion for the company and know-how. But as I said in my interview, it's been a journey for me and I had to be sure I was ready. I'm at a place where I know I can do it and not fail.

     That being said, I am still in school full-time. This degree process is just taking so long but I do have to support myself. The fact that I'm on here and Facebook should tell you, I am procrastinating but I feel like I have it under control. This is the first time in my schooling that I have stressed to myself the importance of just not making it through but to retain and understand the stuff I'm learning. It does have something to do with the fact that I'm nearing the end and a lot of stuff has real world applications but I'd like to think it's because I'm maturing. In order to work and do school, I have to stay hella organized. I have every minute of everyday planned. It's super anal, but I look out for my health as well, making sure I have time to workout and get a good amount of sleep. I even let myself have some social and relaxing time so it's not bad. This is the first semester I've really had friends in my classes so I am more social and having more fun. I do like to be the funny guy but I'm also enjoying being one the smart ones too. Not everyone likes it because I guess it can come off as attention grabbing or showing off but haters gon' hate! As I'm typing this I have a project due in a few hours that I really need to finish...but...eh...it'll get done...:)

    My mother and little brother were living with my grandmother and parental scuffles seem to run in the family so she had to get out. She said the apartment locator she was working with told her my apartments were the cheapest and asked if I was OK with it. I was only OK with it because I would get a referral check and because the apartments were so big, I figured she wouldn't even be close to me. WRONG. She is in the next building over from me, literally 15 feet down the sidewalk, facing my apartment. She didn't tell me her apartment number til 4 days before she was moving. I was LIVID. I said she did it on purpose and tried to conceal it, because she didn't tell me when she signed the lease, she told me right before she was about to move. I made her call and ask to be transferred before she moved in but nothing was available. I was throwing all kinds of fits. I like me being away from everyone and now, they were gonna be on my sidewalk...literally. It's been a couple of weeks and I've gotten kind of over it. I've come to realize that maybe with everything she has been through and some things she's feeling now, it may be comforting to know I am near. She was unhappy where she was and needed to get out. She has recently called me her "rock" and I'm aware of how much she depends on me. I am just not really ready to be that kind of adult that takes care of his parent. My older brother has his family and my little brother is still the "baby" in her eyes even though he now has child, so it has to be me. It'll be good for her. And on another positive note, it'll keep me from being as big of a ho since I'll think someone will see who goes into my apartment...I do need to stop being as big of a slut...maybe...whatever, my lease is up in March, I'll just try to be content til then...when I will be out this BITCH!...lol