Friday, October 21, 2011

just a ho...

OK, FINE! I had advertised this blog as the place I would begin to tell my stories I mostly hint on to people that are the juiciest about my gay escapades, but frankly, I have been a little embarrassed to share with the masses some details. But fuck it, it is what it is. And it is ENTERTAINMENT! enjoy...and gets graphic.
I used to be on every gay "dating" site there was. I used dating in quotations because at this particular time I was fully aware that it was just a means of hooking up. And at this particular time I was very much into hooking up. No shame. I met this one guy on there, late 20s, nice body and from his pics, a beautiful penis. I was ALL ABOUT the beautiful dicks then. I wanted nothing more than to put it in my mouth and slob away. So...we set it up. And believe me, it's as easy as I just put it. I say what I want to do, he sizes my pics up, gives me a yay or nay, and we decide when and where. GayWorld, I tell ya.
He lived in the Montrose area, naturally, and we decided to meet up one late Saturday afternoon at his place. He was even better looking in person, which was a major plus. He kept giving me compliments which I always take as a defense mechanism when someone gives you one....except for me...I refuse to lie no matter how fine you tell me I am. I. Will. Not. Lie. But seriously, he looked good. My height, moderately muscular, cute face, soft spoken. He seemed nervous and shy which drove my demeanor in the opposite. I was driven and eager. After quick acquaintances, I pushed "Where would you like to go to do this?" He at first stated the master bedroom but was hesitant and then went for the guest room down stairs. I forgot to mention how gorgeous the house was. It was very deco-modern with plenty of art from sculptures to paintings with modern furniture. Large glass windows downstairs revealed a usual sized downtown backyard space covered in concrete for the pool and hot tub. But I was headed to that back room, fuck that house!

He nervously closed the door behind me, I stood there for all of two seconds before I went in for the kill. Again, we had only agreed for me to perform and enjoy fellatio on him...which I had started...but to be honest, I don't know what happened next but we both ended up naked and on the bed and I was the one received a lot of services not initially signed up for...but I wasn't complaining. I just contributed it to my sexy appeal. BAM!

After maybe an hour of messing around and all things were said and finished, we layed there on the bed and talk for a bit. He kept complimenting me on my "beautiful skin" which I bashfully said I was embarrassed for all my chicken pox scars but attributed it's texture to cocoa He talked about what he does and I talked about being in school, yada yada yada...then all of a sudden, the garage door opens...he gets wide eyed. Says..."oh no..." I say..."ah shit..."
He says, "My partner is home," I show signs of panic which he responds it's gonna be ok just for me to be quiet. At this point I'm looking around for places to hide, under the bed, in the bathroom, looking out the window to see if I can get to my car, luckily I parked down the street. But by the time I was scooping up my clothes, he was already in the house calling "Hello?! Anyone home!" My hookup had already replied, "Yeah, in here" again nervously. The partner came up to the door and asked, "You have company?" "Yeah, I do, " my hookup said somewhat ashamefully. "Oh ok," he responded. I then looked confused as I heard him walk away. I got a smug sideways smile from the hookup as he said "he's gonna wanna meet you." I said, sarcastically, "well that's great." I've seen relationships like this before but never first hand. A pretty younger guy "partners" with a older, larger man who has money to afford lovely homes like that but are protective of their property but allows them to roam from home occasionally but under supervision. I was fully expecting an intimating confrontation with a man who was going to make me feel like shit and want to shit on myself at the same time.

I got my clothes on and we walked outside to the kitchen where I could hear his partner was. I held my hands in my pocket and kept looking down. I walked slowly and took a deep breath. What greeted me was NOT what I was expecting. It was a short, cute, older latino man with a big smile. He took my hand and shook it softly and we exchanged names. He asked intriguely how "it" was and my hookup gave me a glowing review. He brought up how hesitant he was but how forward I was. He actually made it sound good that I was acting like a ho. We chit chatted a while, let them find out I was actually smart and trying to do well by myself, not just a typical teenage mo. His partner then gave me a tour of the house, which was odd but very nice of him, I guess. And invited me to come back again for maybe some more action with the two of them. At this time I had never done a threesome so I kept my answer polite but ambiguous as to whether I actually would. I left, weirdly, not feeling empty for being a ho, like I usually do, but actually satisfied. I had had just a random hookup that turned out more than I had originally planned but I also met a couple of nice guys. Mind you, I was fully aware that they were just hoes and I was just a hookup to them, but still, it turned out a lot more cordial than anything I had done up to that point.

Did I come back for that menais later? Maybe I'll tell ya at another time. But I did find out that I was not the only one that got an invite back for the both of them...almost every gay guy I meet has "met" the both of them...SMH....just a ho...

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