Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TV has gone to hell!

…in my honest opinion. My opinion being based that the TV shows that I really like seem to always get prematurely cancelled, while others I would classify as…trash, continue. So I’m just going to sit my fine, toned ass on my high horse and talk down to all you people that watch these trash ass shows. I’m talking about these shows that glorify idiocracy and filth. I’m talking about all these shows that show the “real lives” of people you don’t know. I’m talking about the shows that follow through people’s dramas that have no positive contributing impact on the wellbeing of human kind. Trash Trash Trash. But as I am an analyst, I will look at all points of my argument as neutrally as possible. But first, I will bitch.

I am big fan of sci-fi and mystery. I just found out that latest installment of the Stargate franchise, Stargate: Universe didn’t get picked up for a 3rd season. I was a HUGE fan of the first series. It ran an amazing 10 seasons and from a storyline point of view, grew SO much from season 1 to the 10th. The premise of exploring the galaxy, later universe, was so fun for me. They is so much to pursue in this new series. As a child, I looked at the stars just in awe at how vast the universe is and the dream of even seeing a fraction of it. Stargate relieved my sadness at the thought I’d never get to see it in my lifetime. It was fun fantasy. Now, I’m a nerd, this we know, but is fantasy in space really different from the fantasy of a Kardashian lifestyle?

These celebrity “reality” shows are as much fiction, I believe as jumping instantaneously from one side of the universe to the next, but I just find it weird to watch someone else live their lives that they portrait to be real. I find it weird we glorify the sadness of teenage pregnancy to the point that girls are getting pregnant on purpose in hopes to become “famous.” I find it weird to watch other people get drunk and act a fool for no reason other than to act a fool.

I feel hypocritical to a point because I’m not one to be in a book at all times bettering myself for the advancement of human kind. But I want to. That being said, I think generalize fiction is better than the bull that is on TV that’s popular. I’m upset with Stargate, Firefly, and Veronica Mars mostly, but I know there are PLENTY of other really good shows they have given the ax to while green-lighting shows that seem to make normal individuals who think they are “a-list” into celebrities…for nothing. Glorifying elitism.

Just a bunch of bull…

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